WKchatx IRC Client Official Website

WKchatx is a new Internet Relay Chat client. 100% clean from viruses or trojans and Free to use.

It has mp3 player built in, you will no longer need plug-in to show what you're listening to on an IRC channel, fonts set away message system, audio on/off, you can add any image on jpg extension as your chat room background, an easy tag maker to help you decorate your texts, an easy tag maker on the mp3 player to decorate the song's name you're displaying, a word converter and a lot of very good things.

You don't need any plugin or scripts just enjoy.

For help please join the network channel #WKchatx.

To get the full setup and stay on track for updates check out our download page.

Please read carefully the instructions on that page. And remember updates are released daily, please keep it up-to-date.



This software is still being developed, if you find any bug, have any suggestion or feedback.

email Download


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